Side Mounted Positioner

The primary module of the Mark 16IQ is the electronic board comprised of the microprocessor, along with the indicating and control elements. The unit is designed so that optional modules for alarms and position feedback are easily plugged in or snapped on. The current command is compared to the internal position feedback signal. By comparing the input and feedback signals, an adaptive controller determines the positioning signal, which follows an optimized algorithm. The parameters for this algorithm are determined from valve and actuator characteristics analyzed during initialization and as modified during the real-time performance of the actuator. The MK16IQ will identify will identify and optimize each valve's specific performance characteristics.

Features & Benefits
  • Mark 16IQ-B ‘Basic’ Version: smart positioner without HART® protocol with gauge block and FM Approval (IS) for Class I, Div. 1 locations. Specify part number 16184.
  • Mark 16IQ-S ‘Standard’ Version: same basic until but with HART® protocol capability. Specify part number 98877.
  • Mark 16IQ-FF ‘Foundation Fieldbus™”: for advanced diagnostics with digital communication and control
  • Other configurations available – contact factory for Profibus, limit switch module, alarm module and other accessory ordering information

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