Maximum Inlet Pressure Diaphragm Control Valve

Features & Benefits
  • Rolling diaphragm design ensures that the effective diaphragm area remains relatively constant, regardless of valve stem position
  • Spring-loaded TFE-Chevron packing maintains a proper compression while minimizing excessive friction
  • Bolted body/bonnet connection
  • Guide trim – extended orifice and plug guiding are standard and offers improved shutoff and accuracy equivalent to heavy duty trim options of competitors
  • Quick change trim
  • Size: 1″ (DN25)
  • Body Materials: B61 Bronze, WCB Carbon Steel, CF8M Stainless Steel
  • Bonnet Materials: CF8M Stainless Steel
  • Body Seals: Teflon Gasket
  • Soft Seat: Peek, available for 6.5 Cv
  • End Connections: FNPT standard, others available
  • Flow Capacity: 6.5 Cv, 10 Cv
  • Maximum Operating Pressure (FNPT): up to 500 psi (BR) or 1000 psi (CS/S6) max inlet @ 100°F
  • Pressure @ Maximum Operating Temperature (FNPT): 350 psi max inlet @ 450°F (BR), 1000 psi max inlet @ 450°F (CS), 990 psi max inlet @ 450°F (CS)

Shutoff: Class IV hard seats, Class VI soft seats

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Mark 708 Series

Precision Control, Fractional Flow Control Valve

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