The flexibility of the Mark 708 control valve allows me to meet a wide variety of process conditions in my pilot plant. The ability to change cv’s within a single valve allows me to control costs and minimize overall valve inventory.
We recently purchased the JRHF Series to replace a competitor’s valve hoping to get better performance. The balanced trim gave us much better performance over a wide range of flow rates.
We needed to run a continuous 8 week pilot system test using high pressure hydrogen. Your competitor’s average trim life was 6 weeks while the LowFlow MK708 lasted 2 years. We only changed out the trim and soft goods due to regularly scheduled maintenance.
We made a change to a lower priced control valve around 3 years ago. After seeing how much time and money we were spending on repairs we switched back to the LowFlow MK708. It provided much more value for our investment, saving us money in the long run.

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