Mark 708ME Series with Motor Valve

The Mark 708ME offers many advantages including extreme accuracy, high turndown ratios and repeatability. The features of this high resolution, low hysteresis digitally controlled motor makes the MK708ME a premier control valve for applications involving chemical injection, dosing, pilot plants and research labs. In addition, it is a prime valve for skid builders.

  • Spring-loaded TFE/Chevron packing – the spring-loaded packing maintains a proper compression, while minimizing excessive friction. This alleviates the need for most field adjusting. The TFE packing is suitable for temperatures to 450°F (232°C), while braided or Graphite/Grafoil may be used for higher temperature requirements.
  • Bolted body/bonnet connection – the bolting provides solid construction and secure connection. This bolting adds ease to maintenance, as bonnet/actuator assembly may be removed with the valve body in-line.
  • Guided trim – extended orifice and plug guiding are standard and offers improved shutoff and accuracy equivalent to heavy duty trim option of competitors (not applicable to Cv’s below 0.05).
  • Manual operation by stowable hand crank
  • Output shaft with soft seating mechanism
  • Optional 4-20mA position feedback (requires customer supplied external 12-36 power supply and a load connected in series with one lead from power supply)

Data Sheet
Mark 708ME Series Data Sheet

Installation & Maintenance Manual
Mark 708ME Series Installation & Maintenance Manual

CV VS Lift Chart

Condensed Catalog
Product Guide
Product Guide – A4

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