Mark 708HT Series Control Valve

The Mark 708HT Series has a cooling fin bonnet option for protection of the stem packing from elevated temperatures associated with steam, hot water and high temperature oil, gas and liquid services. The finned bonnet cools the area around the packing, which permits the use of standard packing materials that otherwise would not be suitable for the service temperature conditions.

Minimum Data Requirements to Size Valve

  • For steam, hot water and high temperature oil, gas and liquid service
  • Provides cooling effect on bonnet, protecting the packing from higher than normal temperature conditions
  • For precise control of higher temperature fractional flow services in pilot plants and low flow process applications

Data Sheet
708HT Series Data Sheet

Installation & Maintenance Sheet
Mark 708 Series I & M
MK16IQ Series Trouble Shooting Guide
MK16IQ Series Positioner Set-up Guide

Condensed Catalog
Product Guide
Product Guide – A4

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