JRLL Series Pressure Regulators

The Lowflow JRLL Series are low flow regulators designed and built specifically for very low pressure applications.
The durable valve body and metal trim components are machined from 316L SST barstock. The valve is outfitted with a sensitive PTFE Jorlon diaphragm for accurate low pressure sensing and Teflon, PEEK, Kel-F and EPDM seats for ANSI class VI shutoff.

  • Stable outlet pressure setpoints at very low pressure
  • Very low set point offset (droop) especially at higher inlet pressures
  • Top entry design facilitates in-line cleaning and maintenance
  • Barstock construction guarantees material integrity and quality surface finish
  • Four Cv’s from 0.012 to 0.2 guarantee a valve that will fit your specific application
  • Optimized internal volume
  • Proprietary Jorlon diaphragm material provides exceptionally long life
  • Soft seat material for ANSI Class VI shutoff

Data Sheet
JRLL Series Data Sheet

Installation & Maintenance Guide
JRLL Series Installation & Maintenance Manual

Condensed Catalog
Product Guide
Product Guide – A4

1/2″ JRLL Series, Stainless Steel 316L material, 1/2″ FNPT end connection, Port A configuration
3/4″ JRLL Series, Stainless Steel 316L material, 3/4″ FNPT end connection, Port A configuration

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