JBPH Series Back Pressure Regulating Valves

The JBPH Series is a piston operated back pressure regulator.  The 0.5 Cv offers increased flows across its 6000 psi inlet range, while the Kel-F soft seat provides ANSI Class VI shutoff.  Four set spring ranges and three soft seal options offer flexibility in a number of applications and environments.  These valves are designed to regulate a variety of gases and liquids from pump and compressor control to process pressure control where high flows and high pressures are required.

  • In-line removable plug and trim provides for quick cleaning and maintenance
  • All wetted materials are 316L or 416 stainless steel; other materials available on application
  • Large 0.5 Cv offers high flows with setpoints up to 5800 psi
    Optimized internal volume
  • Kel-F soft seat for ANSI Class VI shutoff
  • Captured vent to monitor seal integrity

Data Sheet
JBPH Series Data Sheet

Installation & Maintenance Sheet
JBPH Series Installation & Maintenance Manual

Condensed Catalog
Product Guide
Product Guide – A4

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